Interview to Conductor Ramón Tebar in the newspaper Las Provincias

Today, March 26th of 2015, was published an interview to the Conductor Ramón Tebar in the newspaper Las Provincias about his recent appointment as Principal Guest Conductor of the Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofía of Valencia, from where we highlight the following quotes:

[ ... ] at the age of 25 he left Spain to work in the United States, Ramón Tebar (1978) returns to fulfill a dream: conduct in his city after being appointed Principal Guest Conductor of Les Arts. [ ... ]

[ ...] I left from here 10 years ago, I have developed my carrer abroad and now I return for a long-term and solid project just when I thought I would only return to my city to visit my family. Everything is new at the coliseum, I don't see the ghosts that could have been in the past. Nothing is negative. [ ... ]
[ ... ] I have worked very hard abroad to reach to this point. I never felt forgotten, but you always want to be recognized. In my country I didn't get opportunities and when I got a call to work in USA I took it and left Valencia's Conservatory. [ ... ]

[ ... ] For the last three years I had scheduled my debut at the Vienna Opera. I have spoken to the theatre director, Domenique Meyer, to delay it and I'm adjusting my dates. Meyer understood that I'm going to develop a project in Valencia for the next years and we are sure that after my debut in Viena I will return for more collaborations. [ ... ] 

[ ... ] I have listened the Opera Orchestra in two occasions: first time was the "Fidelio" with Zubin Mehta and it was marvellous; second time, last tuesday and the quality was superb. [ ... ]

[ ... ] I would never detract the work done by Maazel or Mehta because they are undisputed maestros, but we need to give time to Livermore's project and the proposals of Abbado and Biondi. We are going to sweat the t-shirt like if we where a futbol team and try to win the Premier against Hall's with bigger budgets. [ ... ] 

[ ... ] Few theatres began from zero with the level of Les Arts; it was something amazing.[ ... ]

[ ... ] The Palau de les Arts is not a "falla" where you invest a lot of money to burn it all afterwards. The coliseum has a good foundation and it must be a great theatre. [ ... ] 

Interview published in newspaper Las Provincias
Thursday 26/03/2015
Interview by Carmen Velasco

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