Conciertos Augusto S.L.


The main activity of Conciertos Augusto S.L. is in the field of Classical Music. Our main activity is based in Spain, and we have the local exclusive representation of some of the best artists of this time, whom are the Stars of the XXI Century.

In 1979, Gonzalo Augusto founded in London the agency Gonzalo Augusto Management, sending artists to perform in Spain and promoting concerts in England. In 1984 he moved to Madrid and continued bringing to Spain some of the best artists in the world. In 1992 the agency change the name to Conciertos Augusto S.L.

Besides organising their concerts with Spanish orchestras and recital tours, we have a very good selected list of chamber groups and orchestras. We collaborate as well with international festivals, as artistic consultants.

During 4 years we were members of ISPA (International Society of Performing Arts). We are Full members of IAMA (International Artists Managers’ Association) and from 2001 to 2004, we were members of the Board of Directors. In these Web pages, you can consult our List of Artists, the present Season of Concerts, List of Orchestras touring Spain, Photo Gallery, favourite Links and News about our artists.

We are looking forward to the future, because the music activity in our country has developed immensely, especially since we started in 1979. We are going through difficult times for the Arts in Spain, but we are convinced of the need of musical culture in a modern and advanced society like the Spanish. For this reason, we will continue working with enthusiasm, as we have to maintain the level we had acquired in the past two decades. We hope and wish you will enjoy our new website!

Conciertos Augusto S.L.