Summary of reviews of Nelson Freire concerts with the OBC in Barcelona on November 2014.

The pianist Nelson Freire was recently in Spain, playing the piano concerto Nr.2 by Chopin with the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, and the conductor Alan Buribayev, on November 7, 8 and 9 of 2014 at the Barcelona Auditori.

From the press media we highlight the following review quotes:

<< The presence of Nelson freire, highly reputed and an authentic world authority in the Chopin field, was the main attraction of the subscription concert this weekend of the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra. [...] The pianist credited his prestige, offering a balanced reading of the concerto, clean of excess of pedal, with an articulated performance and packed with subtle dynamic nuances and all applied to a warm expressivity, away from sentimental excesses and any hint of melodrama added. His Chopin was calm, balanced, elegant and noble. >>
- El País. Xavier Pujol. November 11 of 2014. 

<< With a pearly sound, balanced, always perfectly controlled, a not exhibitionist agility and an aristocratic phrasing, the great Brazilian pianist took out all the juice of the Second concerto of chopin. Freire translated the Chopin staves with desarming naturalness, avoiding any emotional overflow out of place and any trace of cloying. >>
- Diario ara. Xavier Cester. November 9 of 2014.

<< Freire proved to be a very good pianist. Knew how to understand the meaning of what he was playing and avoided the risk of exhibiting excessive virtuosism, offering a very worthy reading of the second piano concerto by chopin, from which I would highlight the slow movement. >>
- Catclàssics. Ignasi Albors. November 11 of 2014.

We also want to add to this article, that the Decca label, during this season of 2014/15, is releasing three new albums by the pianist Nelson Freire:

-     With Riccardo Chailly alongside the Gewandhaus, released in September 2014, an album with the Concerto Nr.5 and the Sonata Nr.32 Op.111 by Beethoven.

-      A compilation by Decca of recordings of the pianist rescued from the archives of several European radios, where Nelson Freire plays the Concertos Nr.1 of Chopin, Nr.2 of Liszt, Nr.1 of Prokofiev, Nr.3 of Rachmaninov, Nr.1 of Tchaikovsky and the rarely palyed Introduction and Allegro Concerto in D minor by Schumann.

-       And in 2015, Decca releases a third album of Nelson Freire, a monographic CD of chopin, with the Piano concerto Nr.2, that we enjoyed recently in Barcelona.