Antón García Abril, Gold Medal of the Spanish Academy of Cinema 2014

Composer Antón García Abril (Teruel, 1933) was awarded the Gold Medal of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciencies of Spain, awarded annually to a member of the film industry, in recognition of the creativity he has reflected in over two hundred movie soundtracks.

"Always ahead of his time, Antón García Abril understands that music is a language, regardless of form or genre, and film music, when well written, there is a moment in which it becomes pure image", highlighted the Board of the Academy in a statement.

To the composer the news surprised him working, "I am very happy, it has made me very excited this award", "Meanwhile my health let's me, I will continue composing", said the composer.

Responsible for a large symphonic and chamber work that covers most musical forms, from opera to orchestral compositions, cantatas and concerts, plus his popularity on his music for television series and theatre, Antón García Abril said, "It's hard to choose a musical form, because in everything I've done, I've always tried to give my best. I participated in splendid films, others not so much, but in all of them I was able to express the best of myself".

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