Review quote of the concert of Zandra McMaster with the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra on April 18 of 2015

[...] When Zandra McMaster began to sing, her mellow rich contralto voice blended perfectly with the intrincate music. It was the most beautiful moment! Zandra sang her part excellently even though it is not easy. She masters her voice fantastically. The emotional coloring of the voice, the softness and the roundness of the sounds were wonderful. [...]

Newspaper: Musical Klondike of Moscow.
Date: April 2015

- Schoenberg: Verklärte Nacht
- Mahler: Symphony Nr.3

Orchestra: Moscow State Symphony Orchestra 
Conductor: Pavel Kogan 
Hall: Great Hall of Tchaikovsky Moscow Consevatory 
Concert date: April 18 of 2015