Jiří Bělohlávek awarded the 2014 Antonín Dvořák Prize at the Carnegie Hall of New York

The czech conductor Jiří Bělohlávek was awarded the 2014 Antonín Dvořák Prize at the Carnegie Hall of New York on November 16 of 2014.

The Prize was awarded by the Czech Academy of Classical Music, for his promotion and popularization of Czech music and works by Antonín Dvořák, with his recordings for DECCA label of the Complete Symphonies and Concertos of Dvořákconducting the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as his work as President of the Dvořák Society for Czech and Slovak Music.

Previously to reciving the Prize, Jiří Bělohlávek conducted the Czech Philharmonic at the Carnegie Hall of New York, with a programme with works by Janáček, Liszt, Dvořák, Schubert, Smetana and Nedbal, accompanied by pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet.

To the concert and Award Ceremony attended the Czech Minister, Daniel Herman, and the gradson of Dvořák, Antonín Dvořák III.

During the month of February of 2015, the Conductor Jiří Bělohlávek with the Czech Philharmonic and cellist Truls Mørk, will be touring Spain palying at the Halls of Alicante (15 of February), Zaragoza (16 of February), Madrid (17 of February), Oviedo (18 of February) and San Sebastián (19 of February). You will be able to find more information about the tour later on in our Calendar as the dates approach.

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